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A Music Play

Between me and anyone else I can never compete with music. I've never even attempted to play or sing though there is frustrating attempts to write lyrical nonsense. Nevertheless I love most of it (some music from most types of it). Trance or dance or what I call blue rock is popular on this playlist. Yet every other sound that I love is here too. Thank you You Tube!

Rebel Blue Bell Play

Blue Bell is a bona fied black cat who I take on many black night and morning walks. He is a special little black pet with a soul that shines as kind, curious, and real as any friend or family.

Lightning and Hail in Fierce Storms. Play

I love photographing storms, sunsets, and cloud lands in Heaven. Whether be the 2011 firestorms or snow, hail, rain, wind, and my favorite, lightning storms I always enjoy time seeing them. Like the West Texas mountains the serenity of West Texas weather rekindles the energy cooled by periods of routine sanity.

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