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Random Rab ∞ Visurreality

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In 2012 electronic music producer RANDOM RAB released his fourth album, VISURREAL, and embarked upon a year-long tour that took him across three continents.

Enter the Dream.

Nomad Cinema presents...

Photographed, Edited and Directed by Charles Shaw
Produced by Random Rab & Charles Shaw
Titles, Effects & Color by Daniel Garcia
Additional photography by Galen Oakes, Syd Woodward, Russell Ward, Akira Chan, Zipporah Lomax, Brendan Jaffer-Thom, Mark Heley
Sound by Charles Shaw

Featuring live performances from Lightning in a Bottle- California, Symbiosis- California, Envision- Costa Rica, The Great Convergence- Egypt, Eclipse- Australia, and Desert Rocks- Utah

Also collaborative performances with Katie Gray, Cedar Miller, Ilya Goldberg, Anthony Ward, Nick Lynch, and many more....



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Obscura Digital Play

When I'm not making music, I'm working with Obscura. Check out our website @ www.obscuradigital.com

Thanks to Friends and Fans Play

Random Rab videos made by an amazing family of friends and fans. Enjoy!

Visurreal - Full Album Stream Play

Available at: http://randomrab.com/visurreal/

This classically trained musician has explored a plethora of musical genres over the course of his career -- from stints performing in jazz orchestras to time spent fronting a heavy metal band. Like Random Rab's past albums, Visurreal draws from an impressive array of influences, merging everything from classical to Arabic music and creating something altogether unique.

"On this LP, Random Rab paints surreal soundscapes through varied instrumentation, drum machines, sequencers, and vocal samples. Though each song is different, they transition seamlessly, unifying the album. Meanwhile, the slow, graceful builds and much-anticipated drops throughout Visurreal will keep listeners engaged.

Random Rab's careful compositions are so multifaceted that they feel completely open to interpretation -- and isn't that the whole point of music? With layer upon layer of innovative instrumentation, Visurreal will make listeners feel like they're wandering through someone else's dreamscape, but its undercurrent of human emotion will allow fans to make this otherworld their own."

Get Visurreal at Available at: http://randomrab.com/visurreal/

aRose - Full Album Stream Play

Random Rab's 2009 full-length album release, aRose... Music that can only be described as breathtaking. I would like to thank all of you for the support and hope you enjoy the music.

Get the singles or purchase the full album at: http://randomrab.com/sounds/albums/arose

The Elucidation of Sorrow - Full Album Stream Play

Originally released on Feburary 14, 2004, The Elucidation of Sorrow presents a 15-track collection of original music composed by Random Rab. Artwork designed by Darrah Daniell. Get the full album at: http://randomrab.com/sounds/albums/the-elucidation-of-sorrow­/

EPICYCLE - Full Album Stream Play

Random Rab's debut solo album release, EPICYCLE, a 2-Disc collection of original music composed and produced in 2001... Music that can only be described as breathtaking. EPICYCLE is available at: http://randomrab.com/sounds/albums/epicycle
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