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"I'm Alive" Brasil: The Floresta da Tijuca Sessions

204,529 views 3 months ago
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In a unique collaboration produced by Andres Levin, world-renowned musical artists Caetano Veloso and Lenine, Criolo, Emicida, Pretinho da Serrinha and Sistah Mo Respect along with many other celebrated Brasilian musicians and filmmakers spent three days in Rio de Janeiro's Floresta da Tijuca, part of Parque Nacional da Tijuca (that supported the project by offering its landscapes to film) creating "I'm Alive" a multimedia expression of our relationship to nature filmed, composed and recorded in the rainforest.

Saiba mais sobre este projeto:http://goo.gl/Ygm2WY
Find out more about this project:http://goo.gl/Ygm2WY

The Rainforest Alliance is a nonprofit sustainability organization that holds Charity Navigator's highest rating of Four Stars:http://goo.gl/QcZcpH

The Artists:
Caetano Veloso:http://www.caetanoveloso.co...
Lenine: http://www.lenine.com.br/
Criolo: http://criolo.net/home.html
Emicida: http://www.emicida.com/
Pretinho da Serrinha:https://www.facebook.com/pr......
Sistah Mo Respect
Paulo Braga
Duda Louro
Ana Costa
Chico Chagas

Created by Andres Levin: http://www.andreslevin.com
of Content OS: http://www.content-os.com/
and Music Has No Enemies:http://www.musichasnoenemie...

Narrated by Gisele Bündchen

Written by Caetano Veloso, Emicida, Lenine, Criolo, Pretinho da Serrinha, Rogê, Sistah Mo Respect, Ana Costa, Tom Veloso, José Vitor Ibarra Ramos, Julia Mestre, Jorge Drexler and Andres Levin.

Music produced by Andres Levin
Film produced and directed by Paula Lavigne (UNS) with Fernando Young and Andres Levin
Brasil production by UNS Producoes Filmes
The use of video images was authorized by the federal agency in place, ICMBio.

Full credits: http://www.rainforest-allia... Show less
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