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Gill Wallace Hope

Empowering 200,000 unemployed women in KSA

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I'm refocusing the world on positive Green Refugee Care for 2 million Refugees
across 6 countries of which 1 million are children.
We can collaborate to improve their lives

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Queen of Green TV is my Youtube Channel. Welcome to my videos on how to live a green and sustainable life:)

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Ambassador Gill Wallace Hope is Advisor to President Obama and the G20 leaders. She developed the Foreign Empowerment Policy, a convergence of Foreign Policy, Economic Stimulus, Poverty Alleviation and Mass Collaboration.
She has invested 32 years in 40 countries as a servant leader in Social Transformation programs leading an international public, private partnership. She has united 29 diverse stakeholders groups to improve the 'quality of life' for the BOP market (1 billion people who live on $1 a day or less).

Her global IPO 'Queen of Green' has attracted $150bn of investment from the $21 trillion of 'parked funds' seeking profitable investments. She is the first woman green technology billionaire and invests in human assets including orphans, women and youth.

Key Skills: Presidential Advisor, Social Entrepreneur, Commercial Diplomat, Foreign Empowerment Policy, International Trade and Development, social media, global healthcare, orphancare, systems developer, cloud architect, green technologies, green communities,social transformation, Crowd Funding, international finance, project finance, IPO's, International Public Private Partnerships, stakeholder business models, cooperation and mass collaboration.

Mentored and Inspired by: Abraham, Deepak Chopra, Dr W Edwards Deming, Bank of America, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, CK Prahalad, Shiekh Zayed, Mother Teresa, Rosa Parkes, Warren Buffett, Oprah, Florence Nightingale, Ray Kroc, Ross Perot, Albert Barabasi, Malcolm Gladwell, Micheal Lewis, Thomas A Stewart, James Redfield, Prince Charles, Faith Popcorn, Dalai Lama, George Soros, Zig Ziglar, Baroness Thatcher, William Vickery, Winston Churchill, Henry George, Coco Chanel, Ghandi, Queen Victoria, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, William Harvey, Queen Elizabeth I, St Francis of Assisi, Prophet Mohamed, Jesus, Cleopatra, Hippocrates,Buddha.

Policy Hub: Washington DC, USA
Financial Hub: Frankfurt, Germany
Implementation Hub: SAIF, UAE

Linkedin Profile: www.linkedin.com/in/AmbassadorHope
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AmbassadorHope
Twitter: www.twitter.com/AmbassadorHope
Influence: www.klout.com/AmbassadorHope
Photos: http://pinterest.com/ambassadorhope
Videos: www.youtube.com/queenofgreentv
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