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Quark Henares

Quark Henares 2011 Showreel

2,510 views 3 years ago
I always get too lazy to compile a showreel, so it's kind of ironic that now that I've finally done one, I won't really have much use for it.

Towards the end of editing, Maui Mauricio (the fab editor) and I decided to just go for nostalgia instead of out and out corporate whoring. So here it is-- a goodbye reel of sorts featuring some of my favorite clips from the movies, music videos, commercials and experiments I've done over the years. 2 minutes and 20 seconds is hardly enough time to compress 10 years into, and two paragraphs are hardly enough to thank all the wonderful and talented people I've collaborated on these projects with. The biggest reason I'm happy to be a filmmaker is because I became friends with people like you.

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