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A Beginner's Guide to Competitive Pokemon Battling

387,438 views 1 year ago
This guide is intended to give absolute beginners a headstart, but in my opinion one of the best ways to learn to play competitively is to watch the videos of other players (and listen to their thought processes during commentaries) to pick up playstyle techniques.

Part 1 (Tiers) (1:10):

-How tiers are defined (http://www.smogon.com/)
-Tiers at the time of uploading this video (http://goo.gl/DQV2E)
-Pick your tier and find a battle! Best place to look imo is here: (http://goo.gl/WXbRn)
-For non-wifi battles, try Pokemon Showdown (http://www.pokemonshowdown....)
-For wifi battles, here's my video on how to use a flashcart, record etc: (http://goo.gl/3dO7b)

Part 2 (Team Building) (3:41):

-Select types to cover any glaring weaknesses, use a variety of types
-Marriland team builder shows weaknesses/resistances: (http://goo.gl/p6EfM)
-Team structure: # of sweepers (damage dealing), # of walls (damage taking)
-Other team roles such as dedicated lead, hazard setter, phaser etc (http://goo.gl/7txrk)

Part 3 (Setting up each Pokemon) (6:50):

-Item: choice band/scarf/specs, life orb, leftovers... (http://www.smogon.com/bw/it...)
-Ability: choose depending on Pokemon role, e.g. Tinted Lens on offensive Illumise
-EVs: maximum 510 total EVs on each Pokemon, choose to suit the Pokemon role
-If manually training EVs for wifi, check out this guide (http://goo.gl/zBJBT)
-IVs: 31 in each stat unless you're calculating hidden power type: (http://goo.gl/a76NF)
-Choose the moveset to cover a variety of defensive types
-STAB bonus on moves the same type as the Pokemon: gives 50% power bonus

Part 4 (Same Pokemon, different role) (9:56):

-Change the moveset to fit the role (e.g. status moves on a defensive set)
-Change the nature (each gives +10% in one stat, -10% in another) (http://goo.gl/4l6Uw)
-Use whichever base stats are highest on the Pokemon to choose its role
-Check out movesets and base stats here (http://www.serebii.net/poke...)

Part 5 (Predictions) (11:12):

-Observe how your opponent plays
-Keep a note of their team and predict their roles
-Anticipate what your opponent wants to do, e.g.

You have an Electrode out, they have a Wartortle out. They're fearing the electric type STAB move, so they're likely to switch into a ground type (ground is immune to electric). You could predict this and go for Hidden Power [Ice], which would super-effectively hit the incoming ground type.

-Weigh up risk vs reward, is a prediction worth making based on the risks?
-Work out how much damage you/they will do with an attack (http://goo.gl/g4Emg)
-Best way to learn this is just practise (and watch battle videos)

That's all, folks!


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