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LCE092 The Mountain's Comin' Down

268 views 4 months ago
A song about the Oso Mudslide.

I grew up in Oso, they all know my name
Got a job and a family, found my change of pace
I come back so different, the town remains the same
It would take an act of God to change this place

The mountain
Yeah, the mountain
The mountain's comin' down

Been rainin' now for 40 days and 40 nights
The clouds will not reveal the sun or the moon
I can't remember what it's like to see the light
That won't be changin', anytime soon


Life won't be the same here
The lives that were lost here
Buried under ground
When the mountain came down

I ain't got no answers
Can barely ask the questions
Will what was lost be found?
Where the mountain came down

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