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  • Van Halen - Eruption Cover

    "Van Halen" - ERUPTION - Comic Art Video
    play with my 1984 "Fender Stratocaster" and Digitech GNX4
  • Neues Musik Video

    PsychocoucH Live !

    PsychocoucH by Zafari Biz Live 2013

    PsychocoucH Live bei www.zafari.biz 2013
    Rock Jazz Blues Punk
    PsychocoucH wünscht allen eine Frohe Weihnachten ! Happy Xmas
  • charmantevolte

    • 11 videos
  • Wie oft ist eigentlich der eine Hund ins Auto gesprungen ? :-)

    Tolles Video , Gruß die PsychocoucH

    Ein ganz normaler Tag..

    www.zafari.biz - ANTIKLADEN
    Was machen wir eigentlich den ganzen Tag?
    Und,... man achte auf die Hunde... ;-)!
  • Axus Bliss

    • 5 videos
    Mid-Atlantic Melodic Modern Metal. High Range Vocals Penetrating A Sonic Dynamic Rhythm Machine.
  • David Malave

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    • afro-reggae-ragga-punk

      • 4 videos
      Music; Concerts & Video-Clips


      papa.africa - band - shows

      since 2012 - DeichSound
      Productions & live.music

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    • Judy Shire

      • 23 videos
      Judy Shire released her 1st Rock EP titled, The Devils Daughter in September 2012, this was followed by her new Rock Album titled, Beyond Imagination released on 8 October 2013. Prior to 2012 Judy had
      • CHANNEL
    • Dusland70MP

      • 43 videos
      Alex Blanco : Bassplayer of Motto Perpetuo.
      I am Bassplayer's wife of Motto Perpetuo.
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    • Elmer Pastorius

      • 12 videos
      "Elmer Pastorius - The Hard Ways of Freedom" Music project by Rubén Navarro producer and musician active in several Rock bands in several years as a guitarist, bassist and keyboardist, which combined
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    • Chrisy D

      • 44 videos
      April,2013-Posted My New SONG! "Now You Know" Please check it out!:)

      Hey ,Check Out MY NEW REMIXES of Invisible, Wounded Love and Just Call Me ...Just CLICK the Reverbnation icon below .:)

      Or my FB
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    • fotofisch

      • 345 videos
      About Railways, Cars, Technics, Hammond Sound, Documentary, History, Comedy and Great Speeches

      FOTOFISCH's Motto: "Manchmal verliere ich mich in den Untiefen meines Archives..."

      Auf Wunsch ferti
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    • Los Nativos TV

      • 8 videos
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      • 9 videos
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    • Carly Jo Jackson

      • 14 videos
      Carly Jo is a 19 year old singer/songwriter from central Florida. Go to http:/www.carlyjojackson.com for more info!
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    • KoolBreezeMusic

      • 1 video
      I am Derick D Waters a Singer, Songwriter, Producer. Jesus is my first love and music is next. Working out of my home studio with "Cubase" and a self-taught guitarist since July 2010. Melodies and bea
      • CHANNEL
    • john cheney

      • 3 videos
      singer songwriter
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    • luminaramusic

      • 10 videos
      Luminara Official Youtube channel.

      " Luminara: Another reality between Shadows, Angels, Gypsies and the firm ride towards a new life."

      " Luminara: Otra Realidad entre Sombras,
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    • Barnaby Hill

      • 17 videos
      We are a mainly indie rock band from south london but we do what ever genre we feel like doing (really)...
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    • michael divahyu

      • 6 videos
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    • Veronica Kole

      • 38 videos
      Hey what's up? It's Veronica Kole! I'm an 18 year old bilingual pop performing artist from New Jersey! Hope you like my channel :)

      For booking info contact jkoleshnick@yahoo.com
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    • TheHendersongs

      • 32 videos
      Welcome to the birth of a new era!

      When Jupiter and Mars collided in the third house, when Venus and George were in the second phase on the back of the blue moon, the world stood still in the middle
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    • Hab die DVD ! Genial hab ich so oft gesehen , kauft euch die es lohnt sich ! ( krieg ich nix für )

      Ozzy is the God of Darkness ! Let the Madness begin ! Eddie Van Halen , Jimi Hendrix , Zakk Wylde ..... Schreib mal wieder in Deutsch ! oder bin ich hier der einzige ?

      Zakk Wylde _the best solo (Live at Budokan).avi

      Toca muito esse maldito !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      com certeza é um dos melhores solos que eu ja vi ... .... .
    • gary cox

      • 33 videos
      • CHANNEL
    • Goin Down ! You got the Blues !

      Going Down

      rocking up the blues,
    • This is my favorite Video from you ! can you upload the videos of this video seperatly ! i love it so much ! Goin down ! greetings from Solingen , Germany . Hope you play on day in Germany !

      Les Paul vs Strat

      the ultimate showdown! Les Paul Custom with a maple frettboard on the left and a Fender Stratocaster Delux on the right
    • Sam Coulson

      • 106 videos
      The Official Sam Coulson Youtube channel

      Sam Coulson is proud to endorse

      ENGL Amps
      Fender Guitars
      Charvel Guitars
      Yamaha Acoustics
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    • Fantastic ! No Words !

      Monte Montgomery: Little Wing acoustic instrumental

      Here again is the classic live performance in a small Austin TV studio. The first time this clip was uploaded to YouTube by user montiac1 in June 2006, it exceeded 1,425,963 views. This new upload ...
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