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How Many Tricks Can a Lovebird Learn - Kiki Video Tribute - Bryan's Angels Video Series

103,513 views 4 years ago
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Ever wonder how many parrot tricks can a lovebird learn and perform? Many people always believe that only bigger parrots like Amazons, African Greys, Macaws, and Cockatoos can be trained to do parrot tricks. But this isn't true, little petite parrots like lovebirds are also highly trainable like their bigger cousins. I actually trained my lovebird and she was able to perform more than 16 parrot tricks!

It's 2 years since Lovebird Kiki's departure (she actually flew away and never came back). I decided to create this video tribute of Kiki compiling all the great memories and amazing parrot tricks she left us with.

The amazing parrot tricks performed by Kiki the Lovebird:
1. The Hoop
2. Fetch
3. Turn-a-Round
4. Coin Trick
5. Jingle Bell
6. Car Trick
7. Shake Hand
8. The Tunnel
9. Ring Tossing Trick
10. Wing Flapping
11. Cup Stacking Trick
12. Play Dead
13. Shell Game Trick
14. Somersault Flip
15. Basketball
16. Wave

and Kiki is also a great escape artist!

Unfortunately, there are a couple more parrot tricks that I wasn't able to capture before Kiki's departure. Show less
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