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Michael Fairchild Hendrix Tribute: EMPeror's Ignorance

3,498 views 6 years ago
Rock Prophecy: Sex & Jimi Hendrix in World Religions - the Original Asteroid Prediction & Microsoft Connection. The world's most widely read Hendrix scholar (censored by Microsoft's Paul Allen) channels Jimi to battle dominators. A First Century Crusade to enlist resistance against the Murderers of Earth, and their secret scheme to build safe haven condos on the Space Station and Moon.
Using revenue swindled from enslaved taxpayers, we're told the lunar base is a priority over global warming. But it's really just a secret society of banking cartel billionaires in a space race to escape and save themselves at our expense. Media is owned and controlled by a handful of moguls who close ranks to spin brain-train into the herd of hypnotized sheeple, and conceal Jimi's remote view of imminent asteroid disaster, with impact winter. This rock-star/asteroid-comet is Jimi's vision, hidden by dominators. He tried in vain to warn us, while Michael Fairchild is persecuted for surfacing news on YouTube. Rise up against the EMPeror's Ignorance, save the babies and suffer the lil' chil'ren.

"Soon you may almost forget the smell of your family." - Jimi

EMP = Experience Music Project, aka Seattle's Hendrix Museum, the EMPeror's Trash Castle.

Batten the hatches and battle this mess - Revolutions R Fought 4 Less! www.rockprophecy.com

The Original "I Have a Scheme" Speech (ripped off by Jon Stewart Daily Show in Aug. "2010") Show less
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Jimi Hendrix Estate Director of Production Company Play

For 7 years Michael Fairchild was trained to be the Director of the Jimi Hendrix Estate Production Company. Fairchild was targeted by Microsoft co-founder paul Allen, who paid millions to destroy Fairchild's career and today spends billions to censor/suppress Rock Prophecy while controlling the Hendrix company from behind the scenes, killing us all in the process...

EMPeror Paul Allen = Murderer of Earth

Censorship by EMPeror Allen Play

EMP = Experience Music Project, aka the Jimi Hendrix Museum in Seattle paid for by Microsofts Paul Allen, who also spends billions to have Michael Fairchild and Rock Prophecy censored and suppressed worldwide.

Censorship & the Asteroid Play

Mogul Controlled Dominator Media knows when the Rock will hit. Concealing this and diverting the media distracted sheeple herd is their top priority as they build safe havens for themselves at our expense. Anyone who explains this is automatically labeled "mentally ill insane" by Mogul Media & their armies of psychiatrists.

AT&T - The New Neuremburg Play

Rigged Statistics, Fudged Numbers, Stacked Data, Faked Races permeate the workplace. A symptom of dominator facism string pullers controlling the herd unseen behind the scene.
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