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Mee Tracy McCormick

REAL FOOD TV Cooking Demo - Mee Tracy McCormick - Healing Autoimmune Recipes - Media Appearance

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For more info about the healing properties of food and living a REAL FOOD life, go to www.meetracy.com

This REAL FOOD TV Cooking Demo with Mee Tracy McCormick was taped when Mee Tracy was invited to be the on-air cooking expert on NBC Channel 4 in Nashville Tennessee. In this cooking demonstration Mee shares her healing recipe for Butternut Squash Soup and explains how all the ingredients have been chosen and combined to heal the body and support its immune system. For more media appearances and cooking demos from Mee Tracy, go to www.meetracy.com/mee-tracy-med­ia


Mee Tracy learned the value of living A REAL FOOD LIFE the hard way - only after autoimmune disease, an intestinal ulcer, and suspected cancer forced her to realize that the food and chemicals she put into her body every day mattered. She started eating REAL FOOD to avoid dying and she started growing her own REAL FOOD to continue living.

Now more vitally healthy than she's ever been, Mee Tracy has used her own health crisis and healing as a catalyst to become an Autoimmune Cooking Expert, TV cooking personality, a Food Makeover Consultant, a Community Food Advocate and an Author.

To find out more about Mee Tracy's newest book, "My Kitchen Cure: How I Cooked My Way Out of Chronic Autoimmune Disease and Prevented Cancer With Whole Foods and Healing Recipes" go to http://meetracy.com/my-kitc... Show less
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TV & Media Appearances of Cooking Expert Mee Tracy McCormick Play

To see more of Mee Tracy McCormick in the media, go to http://www.meetracy.com/mee-tracy-media
Mee Tracy McCormick often appears in the media as a TV cooking personality, an autoimmune cooking expert, and as a subject matter expert on the healing properties of foods. Because Mee Tracy cooked her way out of her own hereditary autoimmune disease, and sidestepped a cancer diagnosis, she speaks from a place of authority and passion that comes only from one who has looked death in the eyeballs and defied her medical prognosis.

TV Viewers, radio listeners, and print media readers connect with Mee Tracy's inspiring story, and her infectious enthusiasm for healing foods, healing eating, and living a REAL FOOD LIFE.
From Mee Tracy: Five years ago I did not know how to cook. And I got really sick. Deathly ill. My intestines were shutting down and I hunted everywhere I could to find a remedy -- to find an answer.

I found my way around the stove, learning to cook from straight up scratch. I nursed myself back to health with REAL FOOD choices. I realized very quickly that we don't have to suffer from chronic diseases, that we have a choice.

Now I'm taking my REAL FOOD discoveries to the world. A REAL FOOD LIFE is about cookin' to support the body... and we always cook with love.

Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, chronic autoimmune diseases, obesity, asthma, and cancer are just a few of the diseases that are both preventable and treatable by those who become committed to living A REAL FOOD LIFE.

Serious empowerment is gettin' ready to go down in your kitchen!

To see more of Mee Tracy McCormick in the media, go to http://www.meetracy.com/mee-tracy-media

A Real Food Life On a Real Food Farm - Mee Tracy McCormick Play


Living a Real Food Life eventually led Autoimmune Cooking Expert Mee Tracy McCormick to create a real food farm which allows her to grow her own health on her own land.

Urban farming, backyard farming, and backyard suburban farming are growing trends in the U.S. for a reason that has little to do with economics. People who value their health and the health of their family want to ensure the quality of their food, and eliminate the toxic chemicals that are used to produce them.

Growing your own real food on your own real food farm sounds like a good idea, but what is the reality of it? Mee Tracy shares every aspect of her own real food farm - the good, the bad, and the muddy, stinky funny ugly - in these real food farming videos.

For more about Mee Tracy McCormick and living a Real Food Life go to www.meetracy.com

Food Makeovers with Mee Tracy, Autoimmune Cooking Expert Play


Facilitating Food Makeovers - both individual and community - is how Mee Tracy McCormick pays her good health forward. In order to heal her own intestinal ulceration, hereditary Chrohn's disease and impending cancer, Mee Tracy did a complete food makeover on herself even before she knew what a food makeover was or that she needed one.

Now an Autoimmune Cooking Expert and a community food advocate, Mee Tracy helps individuals and entire communities with their own food makeovers, helping them to discover the healing properties of food and live a Real Food Life.

Find out more about Autoimmune Cooking Expert Mee Tracy McCormick, her Food Makeovers, and her Real Food Life at www.meetracy.com
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