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PopTech at a glance Play

PopTech brings together a global community of innovators from many fields to share insights and work together to create lasting change.

- Our Fellows programs for social innovators and scientists identify and train some of the world's most promising talent.

- Our Labs bring together curated and diverse experts to work together on areas of critical significance.

- Our Initiatives incubate high-impact, collaborative and new approaches to some of the world's toughest problems.

- Our annual conferences and events are among the highest rated in the United States.


Small is beautiful: The micro-everything revolution Play

Each PopTech Edition explores an emerging theme at the edge of change from the perspective of some of the remarkable innovators shaping it.

Here, we explore the dynamics of the micro-everything revolution, from design and engineering for radical affordability to overcoming hurdles to distribution.

Read more: http://poptech.org/e2_small_is_beautiful
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