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Questions Answered by Michael Vera 2

3,433 views 2 months ago
Pokeflirt FAQ Part 2! No prank this week I wanted to hang out with you guys instead

Comment questions you want answered for Part 3?!

I have allergies in this video so I sound weird haha, that's why I keep sniffing & scratching my nose

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0:05 Who are your top 5 youtubers?

- Smosh
- TipsyBartender
- Harley Morenstein
- TheFineBros
- Whatever / Jwittz / Vitalyzdtv

0:45 What's your favorite video by Vitaly?
- Stealing Skateboards Prank

2:25 Advice for starting a youtube prank channel?
- Don't copy other ideas unless you include your own style
- Have a reason you even want to make videos. I feel like many channels don't succeed because they don't set goals
- Email your best videos to blogs, such as RightThisMinute, etc

3:50 Did you have social anxiety before starting your channel?
- Yes

Thanks for watching, I enjoy talking to you guys. Message me on Instagram or something

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