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Cygnets Piggyback on Mother Swans Back

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Cygnets Piggyback on Mother Swans Back. Pictures: http://www.daviddilling.com... I read that just born swanlings, as I like to call them, like to ride on the back of their mother. Swanlings are officially called cygnets and I was lucky enough to capture the moment on film in HD and with pictures. The father swan wanted nothing to do with this horse-play!

Cygnet - http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...
(a young swan)

"The little bird hitched a ride on its mother's back as she glided across the water" See:

Swan with Swanlings or Cygnets (photographs):

These were just hatched last night! Watch:

And from one small waterway/canal away, this swan nest too:

Filmed in Pijnacker, The Netherlands (South Holland)

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My Broken Leg - Tibia and Fibula Breaks Play

My broken leg is for updates for family, friends and subscribers on my recovery. I broke my lower leg in two places. The bad break is with my shin-bone with a so-called spiral break. I had surgery and got a 6 inch titanium plate with seven screws binding things back together.

I broke the Tibia (shinbone), which is the spiral break and where the plate was placed and the Fibula which is the smaller bone running up the side of the leg, which is common with high-impact injuries to see that fracture as well.

Now to let the broken leg heal!

Oliveo D1 Jeugdvoetbal Pijnacker 2013/2014 Play

Oliveo D1 Jeugdvoetbal in Pijnacker 2013/2014. Highlight or samenvatting filmpjes van Oliveo D1, D2 en meer actie van de D-Selectie. Alle foto's van Oliveo D1 2013/2014 hier: http://www/daviddilling.com/Oliveo-D1-Voetbal-2013-2014
Oliveo D1 Jeugdvoetbal Pijnacker 2013/2014.
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