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Inspired by Pets of All Shapes & Sizes | PetSmart

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http://pixvid.me/petsmartan... At PetSmart, we believe pets make us better people, inspiring us to be kind, caring, considerate, and positive. From a dog reminding us that a good walk can cure a bad day, to a bird singing a song to brighten up the day, our pets, big and small, fluffy and scaly, encourage and motivate us.

For over 25 years, PetSmart and our animal loving associates have helped foster these ideals, providing thousands of pet supplies, food, toys, and more to pets and their loving guardians. Connecting humans with pets in need, PetSmart has helped find forever homes for over 5 million animals. And by connecting pets with humans in need, PetSmart has helped bring inspiration to hospitals and nursing homes in four-legged form.

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Inspired By Pets | How Does Your Pet Inspire You? Play

Quirky cats, daring dogs and fearless fish aren't just our cuddly companions. At PetSmart, we know that animals define and shape who we are as pet parents and people. When work demands too much and life presents impossible challenges, pets give us the comfort, inspiration and will to rise to the challenge. From the floppy-eared and affectionate to the quick and cunning, all pets have unique personalities and dispositions that make them perfectly suited to their human counterparts. What has your favorite furry, feathery or scaly friend done to make you laugh and encourage you to be a better person?

Pet Food and Treats at PetSmart Play

Looking for the purr-fect kibble for your pretty Persian? Is your Yorkie's coat lacking in luster? At PetSmart, we carry specially formulated food for a variety of species and breeds. Whether you're the parent of a furry feline or a beautiful bird, we've done our homework on the correct balance of nutrients needed to keep your pet active and healthy. The diet of your fish differs greatly if you have tropical fish versus goldfish or cichlids, and kittens benefit from food that older cats may not need. We're here to answer all of your pet parent questions and assist with weight management, vitamin deficiencies, or simply choosing a safe and enjoyable rawhide bone.

Pet Rescue and Adoptions | PetSmart Play

Adopting a rescue pet is a rewarding way to add a new member to your family and help reduce the number of stray animals. At PetSmart, we commit to helping the homeless pet population by not selling cats or dogs. Instead, stop in to one of our locations, search our online database, or attend one of our community events to adopt your new best friend. There's an ideal pet for families of any size and age waiting to get comfortable in a new home. We'll be here every step of the way to assist with house training, leash walking, and managing separation anxiety or other problem behaviors. Find your new pet today and let us answer all of your pet parent questions.
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