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Peterson Field Guides

Peterson Field Guides: Identifying Birds By Family Play

Each of these podcasts surveys a family or families of birds, emphasizing some of their amazing adaptations. Exceptional members of each group—those that are especially beautiful, have unique vocalizations, or are behaviorally interesting—are highlighted. Where appropriate, helpful identification information is included that will aid you in correctly naming many of the birds you see.

Peterson Field Guides: Species Profiles Play

Think of these as celebrity profiles: brief, informative portraits of some of North America's most popular bird species. Each one will give you a new appreciation for some of our avian superstars and tips for recognizing them when you see them.

Peterson Field Guides: Birding Tutorials Play

Your Peterson Field Guide is bursting with useful and fascinating information about the birds around us—far more than many birders ever realize. These podcasts are designed to help you take advantage of the wealth of knowledge that you'll miss if you only try to match a bird with its picture.

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