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  • The pickle vibe doesn't have near the depth of swirling tones that the white vibe or the black magicboy vibe that Andy reviewed. How much of that is due to the internal trim pot setting? The magicboy is AMAZING (but not sold anymore) the white one is still good and the pickle is average. Am I wrong here? Can PGS set me straight? How do I get my hands on one of the magicboy's?

    Lovepedal Pickle Vibe

    www.ProGuitarShop.com - The Lovepedal Pickle Vibe gives you all the great mojo of a uni-vibe in an ultra compact case. With all the great tone and smart design you expect from Lovepedal, this littl...
  • You'd look great in Gold & Black on that floor, Chasson! Come to West Lafayette! BOILER UP!!!

    Chasson Randle highlights and press conference from the Deron Williams U of Illinois Shootout.

    Chasson Randle (Rock Island) is one of the elite players in Illinois and across the nation in the class of 2011. He is a member of the USA 16u national developmental team, and he has a 95 rating on...
  • Boiler Up!!! Come to W Laf and be a part of something!!!

    FullCourtPreps.com Presents: #21 Chane Behanan

    Chane Behanan is a class of 2011 player that has already committed to play for Cincy. Behanan recently transfered from Aiken High, OH to Bowling Green high in KY. For more on Behanan please visit ...
  • Ross and julie's first dance

    • 4 years ago
    Ross and julie's first dance
  • I've been dreaming about these guys to replace the anemic Fender Humbuckers in my Thinline. I already have the right pickguard made. Just can't make the plunge because I just don't know which ones I want! Don't know if it's possible to make my guitar get that Fender blues sound with a humbucker sized pup, but I'm sure these would do it! Question is which one? Good job, Mr Fralin. They both sound great!

    Lindy Fralin P-92's vs Twangmasters

    In this video Lindy Fralin personally demonstrates a set of his Twangmaster pickups against a set of his P-92 pickups. The guitars used were a PRS Santana SE model and a "parts guitar" Strat. Thi...
  • Come to Purdue!

    Marshall Plumlee

    Marshall Plumlee
  • Come to Purdue, kid!!!!

    FullCourtPreps.com: 1 on 1 With Marshall Plumlee

    For more on Plumlee please visit http://fullcourtpreps.com
  • What a tool. This isn't even remotely thought out. Indiana: Where half baked ideas happen. The true cellar dwellers in both basketball and football. Longest current winning streak in the country in first rd tourney games and two straight sweet 16's belong to Purdue. Not to mention a 2009-10 sweep of the Hosers (yes I spelled that right) in basketball and football. BTFU!!!!! POTFH!!!!

    Where Failure Happens: Purdue Basketball

    Purdue Basketball: Where Amazing Happens Video
  • Thinking about the same speaker for my Pro Junior. Do you think it's worth the money to upgrade to the Ragin' Cajun? How would you describe the difference over the stock speaker?

    First Act Paul Westerberg sig slide guitar demo

    Just a rough demo of my recently acquired First Act Paul Westerberg signature guitar. I have it setup for slide with a set of .013-.056 strings tuned to open D and I'm playing it through a Fender P...
  • I was thinking about getting a set of Fralin Twangmasters for my tele. He said they are almost identical in construction to a JM pup. Looking at ur vids has opened my eyes to the JM world. I'm mainly a strat guy but I think I'm going to take the plunge. Sick tone!!! Kudos!!!

    Lollar pickups for Fender Jazzmaster (Hotel california solo)

    Those pups are perfect for overdriven leads, well balanced Full of dynamics and harmonics.
    With the neck pup we approach the gibson spirit, the bridge pup is near to a powerfull stratocaster.
    The ...
  • I'm very interested in a set of Twangmasters for my tele thinline. Yours seems to sound really good. What are your thoughts? Do you know how many turns yours is? Thanks!


    just me , myself and I improvising over a few backing tracks , some funk,blues,country and some minor blues ala robben ford style , guitars are a hamer usa daytona with a fralin twangmaster in the ...
  • Just curious what happened to this project. I'm thinking about dropping some of these into my thinline reissue...good or bad idea? 250k or 500k pots? sound good with coil tap in single coil mode?

    Nash T-63 Cream Demo www.kalimusic.com

    Murali demos a Cream Nash T-63, KM21 with a Lollar Imperial humbucker in the neck position. Medium C maple neck with Rosewood fretboard. Played through a 1966 Fender Super Reverb. More pics and ...
  • You seem insanely knowledgable so I'd like to pick your brain. How well do you think Lollar Imperials would sound in a 72 Thinline Tele Reissue (semi-hollow ash body w/ maple neck and fretboard)? I'm looking for a solid blues humbucker that I can also coil tap and get SRV/Jimi sounds. I'm aware that the size of the humbuckers is different and I can remedy that. Also just running standard Fender humbuckers and 250k pots at the moment. Thanks for the advice in advance!

    Jason Lollar Guitars Pickup demonstration by Rick Fass

    • by DEI305
    • 5 years ago
    Rick Fass demonstrates the characteristics of Jason Lollar Guitar Pickups on a 1997 American Fender Telecaster. The Telecaster is set up with a Lollar imperial low Wind humbucker in the neck positi...
  • Nice tone. Looking for a replacement for the fender buckers in the thinline tele. Do you use coil taps? If it's a Gibson, I assume 500k pots? How do these lend themselves to the SRV/Jimi thing? Thanks!

    DiM. Eric Johnson Humbuckers-Clean tone

    I mounted a pair of DiMarzio E.Johnson pups on Tuncer, my lefty Gibson V. Here is the clean tones,very nice pups.
  • Can you guys PLEASE post a vid of the P-92's and Twangmasters??? Trying to decide between the two for my tele thinline. THANKS!!!!

    Lindy Fralin Pickups - Pure PAF vs. the new Hum Canceling P-90's

    In this video, famed guitar pickup winder Lindy Fralin personally demonstrates a set of his new Pure PAF replacement pickups against a set of his new Hum Canceling P-90 Replacements. Of the Pure P...
  • Yeah i've been looking around. Fralin makes a split single coil called a P-92 that I might try here. I'm just trying to find the right pickup....

    Fender 1973 Tele Thinline Stevey Ray Vaughn sound stylie

    Added a lead break to this sequence to see how it scanned...successful? maybe
  • Sounds good. Thinking about dropping some of these into my thinline telecaster. What woods is your PRS made from? How would you rate them on the Fender blues sound through that EL84 tube amp? Thanks, man!

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