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Peter Mor

The Age of Great Dreams (Epic Score) 2014

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Song: The Age of Great Dreams
Composer: Peter Mor
Album: Without Borders 2014
Track: 4
Year: 2014
Genre: Epic Action Adventure Drama Trailer Score Epic Music
Copyright: M.R.P Music 2014
Company: M.R.P Music 2010
All rights reserved
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The Gates of Kronos 2012 Play

Artist : Peter Mor
Album : The Gates of Kronos 2012
Original album :The Gates of Kronos Score
M.R.P Music ℗ 2012
Την καλλιτεχνική επιμέλεια του CD,
έχει αναλάβει ο Alex Mora


1) Titanium
2) Kheiron
3) The mountain of the centaurs
4) The steps of the throne
5) Warship From Hell
6) Typhoeus
7) Conceit
8) Final Battle
9) Revolution

Music for fIlm 2012 Play

Artist : Peter Mor
Album : Music for film 2012
Original album :Music for film Score
M.R.P Music ℗ 2012Officia Site:


1) Nohelic 1.52
2) Life After the Fal 1.53
3) Spring Trails 1.11
4) Return To The Past 1.18
5) O Road To Olympus 3.31
6) Listen to Your Heart 2.06
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