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Valerie J Lewis Coleman

Self-Publishing Made Easy Play

http://www.penofthewriter.com has books, videos, training and conferences geared toward aspiring authors. Go from pen to paper to published!
After spending way too much money to create an inferior-quality book, the average self-published author only sells 75 copies. That's not enough to cover publishing costs let alone turn a profit.
Self-Publishing Made Easy will save you hours of research, thousands of dollars and mountains of frustration.Written by an expert with over ten years of experience in the book industry, this how-to guide takes the mystery out of self-publishing. Master the secrets of writing from an editor's perspective, avoid dishonest publishers and understand how to make publishing quick, easy and affordable!
In this book, you'll learn:
The formula for writing, publishing and marketing a bestseller
How to avoid the top five mistakes made by new authors
How to price your book to sell
Industry secrets publishers don't want you to know
How to get your book listed with the major distributors and over 25,000 retailers and online stores
Proven methods to generate funds for your book project
Leveraging your author celebrity
Master self-publishing to make money!
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