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Amazing Oklahoma Tornadoes 05/19/2013

486,440 views 11 months ago
credits to live cnn and kfor..No copyright infringement intended as this is a public news for public.. Amazing Footage Of Oklahoma Tornadoes .CNN and local stations captured incredible aerial footage of the tornadoes ravaging through multiple Oklahoma cities, giving a visual play-by-play of lighting, sparks, and debris as the big white funnel's force leveled homes and power lines.

The monster storm is being described as "violent and dangerous" by the National Weather Service, spanning from Texas all the way to Minnesota. CNN's chopper pilot described the storm as "tearing up everything in its path," estimating its size as a "half mile wide" and traveling at 40 miles per hour.

As the amazing visuals appeared on the screen, CNN's chopper pilot pleaded with Wellston, Oklahoma citizens hiding in a bathroom or closet to "get underground" because the storm is "ripping up everything in its site." Show less
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