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Droppin' Some Drum Beats

911,320 views 8 years ago
Just working on some single kick grooves.
My name is Scott Davies. I'm a recording touring drummer based in Denver/Boulder,USA. No, this video is not fake, sped up or anything other than me just playing drums.

To see how I'm playing the fast single kicks, check out my videos called "Kick Speeeed" and "Droppin Some Pad Beats"
To watch me playing with Opie Gone Bad,Soul School,John Common search those band names.
There's a bunch of vids out there with me in them.
This kit is a kit I built myself.
It's maple 13"Snare,20"Kick,8"10"14" toms,12"hats,assorted brass and Axis hardware. I sold it recently and now play for DDrum.
I also have a Roland SPD-S sampler in my live rig.

The recording specs:
1. (3)Audix D2's on all toms.
2. (1)AKG D-112 kick mic.
3. (2)Shure SM-57 on top and bottom of snare.
4. (2)AKG C-2000B overheads.
5. (1) Sennheiser TK-30 Hi-Hat Mic.
6. (1) Audio Technica AT3035 ambient
overhead mic.
7. (1) Telefunken OI9304 condenser ride cymbal mic.

1. (2) 8 channel I/O Focusrite preamps
2. (1) Behringer 16-4 console
3. (1) Digi 02 interface

1. Sonar 7 on laptop
2. Waves Platinum Bundle plugins
3. Izotope plugins.
4. Antares mastering plugins Show less
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