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Paradise Fears

Paradise Fears - Stories in the Dark (Lyric Video)

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song produced by ace enders
song written by paradise fears & ace enders
video shot/edited by jordan merrigan

i met superman with you,
charlie brown and jesus too,
on those nights i couldn't sleep,
you were always there with me,
when i was young and faint of heart,
you'd tell me stories in the dark,

& when I felt, I couldn't fly,
you and peter took me on a ride,
you said, "son don't be afraid to die,
it was an awfully great adventure,"
so much of who we are,
is in those stories in the dark,

what we learned when we were young,
sets the table for our lives,
bread we break, it fills our hearts and feeds our loss,
and even though, you're not here anymore,
i hear your voice.

cats in the cradle and the silver spoon,
used to make me cry, guess I still do,
i didn't want that for me and you,
i know that we'll be together soon,
cause when I wonder where you are,
i hear those stories in the dark,

i know someday i'll tell my own,
& then someday when you've moved on,
i'll tell him, "son don't be afraid to die,
we had an awfully great adventure,"
now i know right where you are,
you're in my stories in the dark,

i see you there, in the corner of my mind,
i hear you there, but you stay a step behind,
even though, you're not here anymore, i hear your voice. Show less
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