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My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Fandub Casting Call (CLOSED)

998 views 1 year ago
First off, YOU NEED TO BE ABLE TO SING!!! AND! i do NOT own anything! All animation and stuff done by Hasbro. :)

Twilight: Christine Johnson
Lines: 1. Yes, everything will be just fine! 2. You're Back! You're Back! Oh im so happy your back to normal! Sing: Life in Equestria shimmer! Life in Equestria Shine!!

Rarity: webkinzgirls555
1. Sorry, im not good with the thundery ones. 2. Why, you've become an Alicorn! Sing: Pinkie Pie is in trouble, we need to get there by her side!

Rainbow Dash: breyerfan12341
1. Hey guys... Sing: These animals dont listen, no not one little bit!

Spike: ScootalooTheOtaku
1. I dont know what you had to wake me up for, I love sleeping in the rain!

Fluttershy: applej334
1. Wouldnt you like t-to take a break and have a snack? Sing: Just try, just give it chance, you might find that you'll start to understand!

Pinkie Pie: warriorcatscloudtail
1. C'mon Ponies! I want to see you smile! Sing: I dont care much for picking fruit, and plowing fields in such a hoot!

AppleJack: Me! :P
1.Twilight? Is that you? Sing: Can ya'll give me a hand here, and help me fix this mess!

Princess Celestia: webkinzgirls555
1. You are now ready twilight. Sing: Its time for a new change, to come!

Shining Armor: revanisthebest
1. No, thats just Liquid pride!

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