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Sweep Picking Lesson, Hyper Sweep Shred

10,721 views 2 years ago
In this book we will demonstrate how Sweep Picking, (the technique developed and
perfected by Frank Gambale), may be practiced and utilized by the Virtuoso Guitar
Player, as a total solution to Improvisation, melodic composition and rhythmically
intricate patterns, riffs and motifs.
The aim of our investigation is to delve into the fluidity by way of combining
Intervallic, linear and Chromatic concepts at once, thus creating dynamic, explosive,
contrapuntal melodic choices during improvisation, that thus far seem to elude the vast
majority of Modern Guitar Players.
An Absolute Investigation into Sweep Picking will provide step by step examples of
lines and licks built from Chord Scale Approach, as well as the popular Modal
approach, including and incorporating Intervallic, Linear and Chromatic nuances
With that being said, I hope you will enjoy the investigation into Sweep Picking Book
you are about to explore.
If I am to achieve my goals here, you must at least enjoy, explore in greater depth, and
incorporate one fluid concept within these pages. Show less
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