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GuitarBots Youtube Channel Trailer

23,246 views 8 months ago
GuitarBots turns guitar practice into online gaming - play and learn with a real guitar! Dust off your guitar and start playing for free at http://www.guitarbots.com

GuitarBots is an online guitar game, played with any real guitar. The game uses the microphone of your device to "listen" to the notes and chords you play - works with your acoustic or electric guitar, directly on the web browser!

There's currently over 300 song levels to play, both for beginners and more advanced. Check out a more difficult level at : http://www.youtube.com/watc...

Play up to one hour each day FREE at :

Hope you like it!

- The Ovelin Team


Ovelin is a music game company that wants to change the way you learn to play the guitar. Our games (GuitarBots and WildChords) use any real guitar as the controller. This helps you learn fast, while enjoying every moment of it.

Check out our WildChord iPad app from iTunes and tune in for fun times: http://itunes.apple.com/us/...

Follow us on facebook:

And while you're at it SUBSCRIBE to our channel to get the most out of your practise:
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GuitarBots Mr. Fastfinger Challenge Play

Mr. Fastfinger challenge is a song package for advanced guitar players in the online guitar game guitarbots (www.guitarbots.com).

See how the game levels are played - complete with playthroughs and tutorials.

Sign up for a free account and try the game yourself: https://www.guitarbots.com

Songs, Lets Play - Learn to Play Guitar Play

Now that you know your way around the guitar it's time to try out some songs. Sean from Ovelin will show you how to play some songs. In no time you will be hitting those chords and you'll be able to impress people with your awesome skills!
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