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Aircraft of May - Announcement video (a new way of reviewing)

6,891 views 1 year ago
The aircraft of May will be the Sopwith Camel, and especially it's latest release including the historically realistic flight dynamics system. All links and info are in THIS description!

Download the Sopwith Camel here:
Important note! After installing, be sure to select the version that has "JSBSim" in it's name! That will be the latest version, which is also ready for "Bombable".

More links with interesting stuff are further down in this description!

---- How To Submit (important!) ----

Submissions deadline: 27 May 2013

- Send text reviews and screenshots to: aircraftofthemonth@gmail.com
- Send videos via http://wetransfer.com to: aircraftofthemonth@gmail.com


- Leave a comment to send in text reviews
- Submit a video response to send in video footage

Most important of all: be creative and enjoy flying this aircraft!

Do not send me a PM on YouTube, that system does not work well for this. By submitting text reviews, images, videos, or other content related to the Sopwith Camel in FlightGear, you allow me to use that work, or parts of it, in future videos on this YouTube channel. Any entries after 27 May 2013 might not be used in the final review.

---- Links ----

More info about the Sopwith Camel in FlightGear:

More info about the Sopwith Camel as an aircraft:

Interesting forum post from Flug about the simulation of the gyroscopic effect:

---- About This New Way Of Reviewing ----

So as I said in the video, I missed interaction with the aircraft of the month reviews. This is purely experimental so I really hope you guys like it as well and come up with some great reviews! Thanks in advance :)

---- Additional Info ----
Software used to make this video:
FlightGear (v 2.10)
ScreenFlow (recording)
Final Cut Pro X (editing)
Motion (motion graphics and intro)
Logic Express 9 (music)

---- Credits ----
The test card used in this video was made by Denelson83, as found on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wik... Show less
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