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Ooa Revo

ooamerica - The Movie - Trailer

2,111 views 2 years ago
ooa's 2011-2012 road-trip through the USA, the movie trailer.
Asking people met along the road: "What's your philosophy in life?"
Now pursuing the project through Asia and also collecting "Tales of Strangers"
To learn more about this project, come visit
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ooAmerica - ooa's 2011-2012 USA road-trip Play

Videos related to ooa revo's 2011-2012 road trip through the US. "What's your philosophy of life?" clips. Follow on http://www.ooaworld.com and http://facebook.com/ooaworld
(previously on ooamerica.com)

ooa revo's other videos Play

These are some of ooa's earlier videos, some were produced on a collective platform at http://www.eye-move.blogspot.com
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