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I Ain't Got No Fight Left in Me (original song)

173 views 6 days ago
For those of you who might not know, I'm a 16 year cancer survivor and this is my 3rd recurrence of the disease. I just wrote short little ditty to help me deal with the down times of getting sick. I'd be lying if I said I was always positive when it comes to cancer treatment. I have my down days, days when I get tired of it all. I sometimes need those days actually. So I give myself permission to be tired of it all, and then promise myself the next day that I'll regroup and continue with my treatment of course. This is for all those cancer patients who feel that way sometimes. And also for those who feel they are facing any foe or thing they get tired of sometimes, maybe these lyrics can apply to that as well. :)

copyright 2014

Verse 1

You come to kick my ass
For the third time
Sixteen years
I've been scraping with you

Tired of the needles
Tired of the blood
Tired of the stages
That you put me through


Yes, I've had it easier than most
But it still takes its toll
So I'll give myself permission for today
'Coz I get tired of all the replays
I'll battle on tomorrow
But today I'll let it be
'Coz I ain't got no fight left
I ain't got no fight left in me

Verse 2

Yes, I'd like
To see more years
But I get tired of
Of seeing your face

But you'll always
Be with me
That's a reality
I can't escape

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