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same oscilloscope, same test set up, much cleaner frequencies out of a very low EMF but quite high scalar and photon output device. Why would you want a ton of emf? Show less
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Zyto Biofeedback Play

Everything I have on my work with Zyto how I've put "RIFE" frequencies into the zyto and why. There's also some differences I discuss between other biofeedback machines including ondamed, the biomeridian and asyra. The Asyra I can't say 1 bad thing about and I still like the ondamed.. The zyto is the only device that allows you to access biofeedback from anywhere in the world provided an internet connection. I realize radionics are supposed to work anywhere without a connection but this is a bit more tangible.

Sauna U Wanna? Play

carbon or ceramic? aspen/hemlock/basswood/cedar?
People saying there's no EMF are disregarding that INFRARED is an EMF. Carbon only seems to be good as a concept because ceramics heat so much quicker.
I get so many software questions and I started doing some screen capture's to help people along with the software some have awesome video game techno in them and a few are silent. I may add annotations to the silent ones and can always do so within YT so just ask.

These are not meant to diagnose, treat/cure, for experimentation and research use only. Note, I would normally be using different rates/private frequencies but due to licensing had to use public frequencies which in their own right can be great frequencies.
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