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omfgBlondie - geek commentary

The Wolf Among Us (2013 - 2014) - Review

3,881 views 5 months ago
The spiritual sequel to Telltale's The Walking Dead! Man, that first minute is not a good representation of the video!

• Music used (in order of appearance):
I'll Be Fine - The Wolf Among Us
Collective Conciousness (Instrumental) - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Prologue Song - The Wolf Among Us
Crane's Business Office - The Wolf Among Us
Feeling - The Wolf Among Us
Bigby's Place - The Wolf Among Us
Faith - The Wolf Among Us
Explanations - The Wolf Among Us
Chasing Dee - The Wolf Among Us

• Check out this game on its official website:

• Check out this video! The Co-Optional Podcast Animated: Demon Wife
[While I'm getting paid to link this video, I honestly think it's a really good and funny video that I want to support!]

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