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Anti-Gay Protester Lights Lawn on Fire! - Funny EPIC FAIL Video - Gay Cereal Agenda Protest Parody

29,552 views 1 year ago
Gay Breakfast Agenda Cereal Protest Video - Anti Gay Man Lights Cheerios maker General Mills Grass Lawn on Fire! Flaming Right-wing activist Michael "Mike" Leisner warns America about Honey Nut Cheerios and its gay agenda by lighting the breakfast cereal on fire on the General Mills office lawn! It doesn't go so well... this guy is a total freaking idiot! - And it's funny!

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According to Michael Leisner (the anti-gay Cheerio Arsonist) -
"One out of every eight boxes of cereal in this country is Cheerios. This is really the treat now of the homosexuals. And this is our protest of General Mills advocating same sex marriages, so we are going to torch some cereal." (Fire out of control) (Background Laughter) - "Ok, get out of here guys! Quick get in the car!"


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