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Anthony - Like That (feat. Lil' Kell)

114 views 2 months ago
Music video by Anthony featuring Lil' Kell performing Like That. (C) 2014 Anthony Hale Entertainment

Prod. by Pop (https://twitter.com/PopWansel)

Anthony | http://Twitter.com/So_Anthony
Lil' Kell | http://Twitter.com/AayoItsw...


I ain't new to this (No)
I been doing this sh*t
My magic flow
Is unprdictable
And everybody know
Who I is,

(Oops) Who I am
Yes I goes ham
Everytime I'm on the mic
It's so iconic
Take a picture
Post it on Instagram

I am the truth
But ya'll (Knew that)
I am the best (Non stoppin')
My flow so out of this world
Guess I'm on another planet

Cause I'm too legit
I ain't no (guitter)
My style so sick
Cause I'm always a winner

I'm a beast
I eat haters for dinner
Killin' these b*tches
(Serial Killer)

I stay fresh everywhere that I go
My attitude on point
Just had to let you know (that...)
I got it like that
(Got it) Got it like that
I got it like that
(Got it) Got it like that

My style is so different
You wish that you could get it
But I'm way off the radar
I stay on another level (Cause I...)
Got it like that
(Got it) Got it like that
I got it like that
(Got it) Got it like that (WHOOP!)

-VERSE 2 [Lil' Kell]

Is your swag original (Original)?
Is the people really feelin' you?
(Is they really feelin' you and sh*t?)
Haters can't really tell me nothin'
They be frontin'
Cause I'm from a different joe
I'm a 78 n*gga
You don't hear me hoe.

I'm so B.O.E
No tittle like FDT
Love like Mya's "Whoa"
Smash like I won't go
Cash like bae "Let's go anywhere bae"
I'll take your friends to jamaica
Sing to you like Flaming Flavors
Style like lyrics to make her have her heart racing like saga
(Cause I got it like that)


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