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Off-Grid - Free Yourself

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Do you want to live like this?

You could live like this.

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Off the Grid - Inside the American Movement Play

I traveled around America meeting these extraordinary people and writing about their lives. Above all I wanted to find out WHY they live off the grid. This film includes interviews with some of the characters (including author Carolyn Chute) from my book - OFF THE GRID - INSIDE THE MOVEMENT FOR MORE SPACE, LESS GOVERNMENT, AND TRUE INDEPENDENCE IN MODERN AMERICA (Penguin, August 2010)

offgrid.es Play

How I came to find my off-grid hideaway near Deia, Majorca where Michael Douglas had a mansion and Elle Macpherson likes to swim naked in the Cala. My piece was just a shepherds hit - it cost $7,000, but has a milllion dollar view. Over the years it slowly expanded.

Off-Grid - UK Play

I traveled around the US and UK meeting people who live off the grid - away from Utility electricity and water and sewage - they are people who want to be independent from the system, but not necessarily leave it behind
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