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OERB — Oklahoma Energy Resources Board

Energy Independence Play

The United States is in the midst of an unconventional oil and natural gas revolution. Energy independence has been the goal of every president since Nixon and, until now, a goal that seemed impossible to reach. However, recent advances in technology, perseverance and ingenuity have delivered American "energy independence" as a reality.

A recent Citigroup report estimates that in just five short years, the U.S. may no longer need to import oil from any other country except Canada. By 2020, the Energy Information Agency predicts the U.S. will surpass Saudi Arabia to become the number one oil producer in the world.

The hidden benefits of energy independence are more than just energy security and balancing an imbalanced trade account. It's more opportunities, more jobs, more economic development and advantages for American manufacturing. It's that good news that inspired a new campaign by the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board.

Learn more at http://advancingenergy.oerb.com/

Economic Impacts of Energy Play

From sunup to sundown, they're the hands that guide our state through every season. Hands that simply by doing their job forge opportunity for nearly 350,000 people. Find out more about how the hands of Oklahoma's oil and natural gas industry are creating a better tomorrow for all Oklahomans.

OERB Restoration of Abandoned Sites Play

The OERB voluntarily restores abandoned well sites -- at absolutely no cost to landowners. Since 1994, we've dedicated more than $75 million to restoring more than 12,000 orphaned and abandoned well sites across the state. We currently restore two to three sites per day.

If you know of an abandoned well site, please register the land for restoration with the OERB. We will restore the land at no cost to you. To learn more about the restoration process visit http://oerb.com/WellSiteCleanup/.
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