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Miranda Cosgrove Wants to Keep Dolphins Singing

25,602 views 4 months ago
The deafening booms of seismic airgun tests might be coming to the Atlantic. We need to tell the Obama administration not to move forward with seismic airgun testing. Find out more and join Miranda to protect the dolphins: http://bit.ly/1oo4l9J Show less
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Mediterranean Sea Expedition 2011 Play

In Summer 2011, Oceana's Ranger embarked upon an expedition in the Mediterranean and Eastern Atlantic to explore seamounts and sea canyons. These unique ocean habitats are generally teeming with marine life, but are relatively unexplored due to their depth and complex terrain.

Oceana crew encountered and documented a variety of marine life, including octopuses, sea slugs, corals, fish, starfish, eels, rays, urchins, and crabs.
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