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Solrac Eats Ice Cream

10,240 views 1 month ago
Threw this together in about 6 hours. Had the idea about 8 months ago and only now putting it up. I had fun positioning Solrac between enjoying a treat and rage mode. Got permission from Yaplap to use his OC but I'm fuzzy on manners regarding OC use over long stretches of time. :3

Yaplap is an interesting guy. He's the kind of entertainer that's really good in small doses. Too much of the screaming and it hurts the ears, but while you're listening you can't help but smile at how off-beat his humor is. :D

One of my favs he made: https://www.youtube.com/wat...

His channel: http://www.youtube.com/user...

Anyone notice how Laffy Taffy and Starburst have way too many undesirable flavors in their bags? There's too many banana taffies and way too many lemon starbursts. Is the yellow dye so cheap that half the bag has to be dominated by the worst (to me) flavors? I bought a bag of starbursts the other day and sorted them by flavors and stacked them into pyramids (I don't have a problem! :P). The pink strawberry is the best flavor in my opinion, so when I was sorting the candy I noticed that there were only 4 strawberries.


Best flavor they have and there's nary a pence! Luckily I discovered that Starburst has a bag that's just the red flavors so at least I've got that going for me.

Banana has to be one of the worst flavors of taffy. Granted it's nowhere near as horrid as buttered popcorn, but it's not something I choose over the others. I'm just glad that Laffy Taffy tends to balance out the banana with 3 other flavors that fill the other half of the bag. :P

What's your favorite sweet thing to eat?

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