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Rohn Starling

TIL - Manual Switch 180

2,115 views 11 months ago
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The second installment to the series I'm starting Today I Learned! its a little series I'm doing to push myself to learn new tricks on a regular basis and I'm loving it! truthfully speaking theres a lot of things that are going to change for me I'm starting college next week so i wont have too much time to do much riding but my weekends are free and so are my afternoons and I'll be making as many videos as possible! I am also still getting clips for my edit, a post date on that is no where to be found at the moment but it shall be done!

On this episode of Today I learned I'm learning Manual to switch 180's which for a long time thought I'd never learn because everyone uses pedal pressure to do the 180 and I have no clue how to use it! I just decided to commit one day and here we are I have a new trick in the bag! I cant wait to use it at some sick spots and incorporate some switch fakie tricks in it as well!
I'm thinking of doing these on TUESDAYS but not every tuesday maybe every other week and maybe switch it off sometimes and make a How To's-Day! Get Stoked Show less
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