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ι lυн ya papι мep |03/11 parтѕ open| non/dιѕney ѕlaѕн

162 views 2 months ago
I caved in and made a new MEP. Don't judge.

Theme; A guy adores another guy [a friend/frenemy, rival, or villain]

Parts are 13-16 seconds depending on what you pick

Please comment here for your pairing and part. You must have Sony Vegas or similar editing program [and if you need help getting said program there are many helpful tutorials here on YT! :D]

Rules [sorry];

1.) Cannot repeat characters
2.) Male/Male crossover pairings only
3.) All colorings, overlays, lyrics ect. are allowed, but please no voice overs
4.) Please add a small watermark somewhere on your part [or I will if you forget, no worries]
5.) One part per person unless no one signs up [which would be hilarious]
6.) I will send out parts as soon as I can
7.) Please render your part in HD/widescreen [in avi, wmv, or mp4 format]
8.) Rules suck, fight the power


Part 01: glamorou13 - Thomas/Eric
Part 02: UnableToBleed - Sinbad/Flynn -- finished!
Part 03: noncielo - Kuzco/Hercules
Part 04: LovelyDeath97 - Jim/Aladdin
Part 05: alesakurachanXD - Hiccup/Jack Frost
Part 06: Damsel of Dawn - Ramses/Proteus
Part 07:
Part 08:
Part 09: KiandraChan - Little Creek/Kenai
Part 10:
Part 11: Da Lolmanias Is back - Ralph/Nod Show less
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