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NM64 - Nintendo Maniac 64

Fate/stay night music (visual novel) Play

A WIP list of all the music from the Fate/stay game. All song titles have both their mirror moon english names and thier original japanese names.

All video uploaded by me are HD and come use a lossless audio source. If you wonder why the naming is the same as GhostNorik's videos, it's because we somewhat cooperated together.

The Even More Incredible Machine - MIDI soundtrack Play

This is a playlist of all the MIDI songs from the game. The Crisis General MIDI v3.01 soundfont was used along with a few songs having bits from SGM-V2.01.

All audio were ripped directly from the MIDIs with XMPlay as normalized WAV @ 96KHz 32bit float. The background image is the title screen w/ hq4x + lanczos @ 150% equaling a size of 3840x2400.
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