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닌자 달 게임 - Ninjamoon9

DayZ Standalone Early Access:The Eternal Curse of the Rotten Kiwi Edition [HD]

40 views 1 month ago
It has been a great while since I have uploaded a video, let alone of my own voice. So I may be a bit rusty in that field, nevertheless I would like to emphasize that I am 18 and it is hard to tell why I sound younger than I should sound lol. I suppose I am mildly confident, but I am still a little shy.

Anyways I would like to ask you guys if I should do more of these?
If not feel free to let me know with the rating bar, or comment system. I can take a little criticism ^^'

To see my first DayZ video as well as a Dark Souls II vid see to it here: www.youtube.com/user/ninjamoon­HD
Additional info: Unfortunately my character died from unknown causes, but he will rest in a grave by a shipwreck still wearing his pristine black wellies. Show less
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Ye' Olde Skyrim! Play

The reason why I stopped making montages was due to most of my uploaded montages (more like happy memories now) were copyright noticed, which ended with their removal, and many other awesome videos I had made. Youtube just released a feature that removes the conflicting song. I wish they added that years ago :(
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