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Dyami Soul

Imperfection - Dyami Soul Official Video [HD]

2,917 views 2 years ago
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Dyami Soul performing "Imperfection" from his same-title Album.
Directed By Kenneth "Remi" Remington
Produced by Wrex Mason

its been a minute but
im back to this writing thing
got the power to make ya
jump like i write in Spring (springs)
or like heavy thunder from lightning
they say my last song was heavy, D
i really need to lighten things (Heavy D was light skinned lol)
Im future rhymer (futurama) like Jetsons
past ya, flying over your waves (hair)
like a bird in a ship...listen
im too sharp, i need to
flat the 3rd and the 5th (diminished chord)
diminish the thought you're
deserving this gift...present
uh. and thats Major
to a Minor scale
so keep going over my tracks
like a biker trail
this is the war of the writers
so Ima fight as well
you can have the battles but
the war is mine, i can tell
killem - the epitome
of a Sniper's tale
been winning i got stripes
like a tiger tail
im Super Saiyan (super-saying)
you're a victim to my Spirt Bomb
Im Majin Buu and you Chocolate
So my fear is um...gone
i transform when i'm spittin,
Im..Optomus Prime at
the drop of a dime
you can build seven cities
with a block(city block) of my mind
im thinking, im like the
grandfather clock of my time
we aint perfct but we try
for nothing less, why not
man this album at the moment is
the best that i got
so without further a due
this is album number one
hope you have a good time
cause i know i had fun
this is..Imperfection.
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