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From levitating magnets, to newly-discovered animals, to quantum weirdness explained, you'll find it all in our science and technology videos.

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New Scientist Explanimations Play

Ever wondered if space is actually infinite? Or what exactly reality is? Our animation series explains big ideas and abstract concepts in just a few minutes.

Best Illusions of the Year Play

Want to trick your brain in novel ways? Watch a series of new illusions that were among the top ten finalists in the latest Best Illusion of the Year Contest, a competition organised by the world's leading illusion researchers. For more details, visit: http://illusionoftheyear.com/

Dream Job Play

Ever wondered what a scientific glassblower does or how to make a living from creating digital instruments? Dream Job features the people with the best careers in science and how to follow in their footsteps. Be sure to click on the link in the video captions for the full story.

How animals see the world Play

Ever wonder what different animals see? Watch how simulations are allowing us to experience different visual systems.
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