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Let's Play Mega Man X7 Play

Chaos ensues across Earth, and the Maverick Hunters are in disarray when X retires from active duty to try and pursue peaceful resolutions. Axl, a member of the illegal bounty hunter group, Red Alert, decides to leave after they start doing horrible things. Now he wants to be a Maverick Hunter to make amends, and he will join up with Zero to take down the Mavericks that Red released to determine Axl's freedom. Will they succeed, and will X find the motivation to return to combat? Tune in to find out. Game made and published by Capcom. *finished

Let's Play Pokemon Colosseum Play

This game takes place in the region of Orre, where no wild Pokemon have been seen for a long time. A man named Wes leaves Team Snagem, and steals from them a machine that can be used to transform Poke Balls to steal Pokemon from trainers. Along the way, he finds a girl named Rui who has been captured, because she has a special gift of seeing dark auras around certain Pokemon called Shadow Pokemon. Working together, they must find the Pokemon who have had their hearts artificially closed, and snag them from a villainous group named Cipher, who are responsible for creating Shadow Pokemon. Will they save these creatures, or will Orre be overrun by Pokemon not afraid to hurt people? Tune in to find out. Game made by Genius Sonority and published by Nintendo. *finished

Let's Play Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures Play

Calamity has struck in Hyrule again, as the Wind Sorcerer, Vaati, is plotting to return. By removing the Four Sword, Vaati is allowed to strike again. With a new ability to split into three extra copies, Link must travel the land to stop the Sorcerer at all costs. Save the Maidens, save Zelda, and more importantly, save Hyrule. Game made and published by Nintendo. *finished

Let's Play Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Play

Many ages have passed since the Hero of Time saved a great kingdom from a greater evil, and now that evil has returned. But the Hero and his sword did not come, leaving the kingdom to a mysterious fate. The land now is a vast sea dotted with many different lands, and Link's peaceful life on Outset Island is turned around when a dark bird kidnaps his sister, Aryll. What appears to be a rescue mission becomes so much more in a matter of time, but will Link be able to handle it? Tune in to find out. Game made and published by Nintendo. *finished
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