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Charlie Haas was selected by the live JTV room (after much confusion on who we should pick, it took like 5 minutes to figure someone out). Charlie Haas goes on an adventure of the WWE in 2003, trying to somehow get booked and maybe make an appearance at the greatest stage of them all, Wrestlemania.

Charlie Haas's decisions (most of the time) rely on the JTV Viewers, as they choose between multiple options given to Charlie Haas through out the season (which is why you'll hear Johnny asking the room "1 or 2"). Sometimes Johnny will just choose what he thinks will be the best route to go, but a majority of it is based off of what the viewers decide.

Will he make it to Wrestlemania? Can he get out of tag team/mid-card hell? Find out as we go match-by-match through the life of Charlie Haas!
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