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NRE Epic Burnouts! LOL! Nelson Racing Engines. NRE TV Episode 212.

51,443 views 3 months ago
We had a real kick putting this video together! It is both very funny and at the same time exciting. See 22 NRE beasts take on the world. We think you will like this video. Enjoy!

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Fabulous Cars of NRE and Nelson Supercars Play

No Dynos here, only some of our favorite cars!

NRE's Patented Mirror Image Turbos Play

NRE has patented these fabulous new turbos. One Turbo is the mirror image of the other. One design for the headers. Better mixture loading. Highest performance in the industry. Best of all, a beautiful symetric engine. A work of art.

NRE's Beastly BBCs Play

Big and Mean BBCs

NRE's LS Engines Play

Check out these fabulous Chevy LS engines.

NRE's Small but Mighty SBCs Play

Small in size does not mean small in power!
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