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NCR Corporation

United Bank Improves Customer Experiences with NCR Interactive Teller -- 7 Days a Week

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United Bank enhanced how they serve their customers with our Interactive Teller solution. Members of the United Bank team tell their story of serving a variety of customers, battling inclement weather, and expanding their service hours from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., every single day of the week. Show less
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Financial Play

Experience a new world of banking technology. Customers have more choices, control, and freedom than ever before. They can check their account balance on their mobile phone or PDA, make a loan payment at an ATM machine, and open a new account at a self-service terminal.

It's a world where convenience and customization are the norm, and customers come first. It's about preference and presence and knowing what your customers want, and knowing exactly when and where to offer it to them. And in today's world, customers are loyal to experiences...not companies.

Hospitality Play

Whether you run restaurants, operate cinemas or manage a stadium or venue, NCR Hospitality solutions are built specifically to match the demands of your environment. Our portfolio of software, POS hardware, devices, and digital signage solutions help run over 100,000 restaurants, 200 venues, and high-volume cinemas throughout the world. While our technology is function-rich, innovative, and durable, our goal is to always provide the right combination of solutions that benefit your business:

Travel Play

Experience a world where travel is about making connections. Traveling keeps getting simpler because now the customer has more control than ever with self-check-in systems. Long waits are a thing of the past.

Today, customers can buy tickets online. Complete airline check-in and review departure status from their mobile phone. Check in at the airport or at their hotel using a self-service kiosk. Customers are choosing the companies that allow them to connect, interact and transact on their own terms.

Retail Play

Retailers are moving beyond multichannel to a seamless converged retailing, or c-tailing, experience that encompasses stores, the Internet, self-service touchpoints and mobile devices to win consumer loyalty. NCR is uniquely positioned to guide retailers through their evolution to converged retailing with solutions and services, whether out-of-store, near store, or in-store. Are you ready for the c-tailing revolution? Visit www.ncr.com/c-tailing to learn more.
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