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National University

Student Testimonial from National University Alumnus Derrick

112 views 9 months ago
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My name is Derrick. My degree program is Environmental Science and Policy. I graduate this year, actually in the ceremony in May so I'm happy about that. What really made it number one for me is the fact that National is when it comes to military members, they're awesome. They're great. They help right off the bat.

I've noticed that in some schools I have gone to, I have used tuition assistance and I'm still got to come out of pocket, and with National University, it's like whatever they give for tuition assistance, it covers everything. So, it's like with it being affordable, like I said, look at me now I'm graduating this May so never looked back ever since then.

It's diverse, you know I get to see different people. It's like with me being in the military and traveling the country, you know that's what I'm used to -- diversity. That's the one thing I've noticed about National University is it's hugely diverse, so you know, it's welcoming. I highly recommend anyone to try National University.

Nowadays, in the military, you have to have a higher education. It's like you have your bachelor's, it's like okay, we're going to need more. We're going to need at least a master's, you know what I mean, so I always want to stay above, you know, that curve to where, okay, I have this, now what else do you need from me?

National is the way I was going. How it's going to effect my professional life is that I just move up in rank. I go from being enlisted sailor, to a commissioned officer, which is a serious pay grade jump. So, with that, you know what I mean, it's just more opportunities for me to continue my career as further as I can take it or until it gets to the point till I'm well, you have been in the military too long, it's time for you to go. So, you know, that's just my main thing, my main thing is retirement, and this is a start for me to get the retirement that I want, is my education. Show less
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