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Stonehenge - Full Moon Acrylic Time Lapse Painting

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Stonehenge - The People's Circle © by nagualero - SOLD
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Once completed, Stonehenge declined after two centuries. For years, this decline has been a mystery. But Professor Parker Pearson believes that it is explained by the culture of the 'Beaker People', known to have arrived in these isles around this time. He believes that their greater individualism and new material goods, including the first metal goods seen in Britain, put an end to the communal culture for which the monument had originally been created.

"What we've uncovered is compelling evidence that Stonehenge once united the people of Britain, attracting people from far and wide for Solstice gatherings, but also that the bodies and grave goods found on and around the site also offer an answer to the mystery of Stonehenge's decline." said Professor Parker Pearson.

The attraction of Stonehenge here is very simple: there are not yet enough facts about it to bury it in certainty, in a scientific final solution to all its questions. Its great present virtue is precisely that something so concrete, so sui generis, so individualized, should still evoke so much impressions of feeling and thought. (EOS 1980, 125) The other Stonehenge, this vast labyrinth of words, pictures, speculations, feelings, impressions, may never be quite so important as the scientists Stonehenge, but it is no less real in any deep or sane sense of human history. Almost everyone who visits the monuments feels this. Never can a building have had its actual scale and height vis-à-vis man so persistently exaggerated or its surroundings so romanticized, both before and after the Romantic Movement proper. It is not that artists, or ordinary visitors, want Stonehenge to be larger than it is. It is large than it is. (EOS 1980, 126)

I can agree with this to a very large degree, even though I have never seen the monument myself. Stonehenge has, and always will continue to intrigue people. Maybe it is not so much the truth about it, but the stories that emerge from it. For some of the myths concerning Stonehenge (Arthurian Legend, for example) are just so unforgettable that they will never die. Who knows what the purpose of Stonehenge is, but whatever the purpose, it has served itself well.

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Painting is one of the best ways I have found to express myself and to explore the world within and around us. Influenced by observations and thoughts as well as words of great people, I create images that inspire me...

Images that will enrich my life by provoking questions & self reflection, in other words, art that aims to elevate the spirit, paintings that make me and hopefully others Think. By using simple deserted landscapes combined with dramatic skies to set a tone or mood, the artwork delivers a symbolic message...

A message that embodies and symbolizes a particular human value, a feeling or Spirit; to enhance, illuminate and to better understand... What is best or worse in them.

- n a g u a l e r o

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