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Eric / Caden (Nicecreamovie)

Life Cycles - A MTB Teaser 2012

59,323 views 2 years ago
//Life Cycles - to me, one of the most brilliant motion pictures ever. When I first saw this bike movie, sorry, this movie 'about a bike', it blew my mind, it's perfect in so many ways, and even after having seen it hundreds of times, it still gives goosebumps. This is why I decided to create a tribute which I could easily combine with my "Go 4 A Ride 2012". Although it wasn't easy at all to create a worthy tribute, I have tried my best. I very hope you like it and I appreciate all the likes, comments and constructive feedbacks!

//Music: M83 - Outro. (http://bit.ly/AdZqAc)

//Copyright information is at 3:05.

//Order the original blu ray disc or soundtrack here: http://bit.ly/19Zh1O

//Edited in Pinnacle Studio 15.

//Editing information: I used the original Blu ray (mkv) file, which is 720p but since YouTube reduces the quality of each HD video, I rendered my project in 1080p.

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