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Mynista a.k.a. Docta Wuzdead

@Mynista: #Radicals [Official Music Video]

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Artist: Mynista
Song: Radicals
Album: The Good Report
Album Release Date: 3/14/13
Label: Warria Records

(Verse 1)

We're unashamed of this Gospel that we proclaim,
we keep it pure and uncut we won't water down a thing,
we go to war...we go to war...
we go to war...we go to war...
For King and Kingdom, we're preaching singing,
we Blood slinging, dinner bell ringing.
Come and dine with us, we're eating good,
we on our daily occupying like we should.
And we don't compromise at all, yeah we all in,
We submit to authority yeah we fall in.
We knocking giants off, we making mountains move,
always triumphant here, we never lose.
We're up and at em, not gonna snooze,
we watch and pray, broadcast His news.
Weather men, Jesus coming back,
He's our Shepherd, that's why we never lack!


Yeah we fired up we radical we all in,
unto death we die to self obey His callin'.
Quick to obey see we aint with all the stallin',
and when you hear our voice, through us His voice is callin'...

Yeah we fired up! Yeah we fired up!
Yeah we fired up! Yeah we fired up!

(Verse 2)

We lay our lives down down, we're instruments God make yo' sound,
sick get healed lost get found, Satan built up we break it down,
down, down...
his strongholds comin' comin' down down, we stomp them things into the...
Ground zero, my Hero crucified on a Cross, took the sins of the world, came to save that which was lost.
Rose again third day, that was His new birthday, First Born from the dead, now of His Body He's the Head...
Honcho, Chief, Captain, ALIVE!
Super, Savior, Lord, Mine!
We we're dead He gave us life, ZOE yeah we're in Christ,
Raised us up and seated us high, sent His Ghost to live inside.
Now we on fire we burn...Now we on fire we burn...
Now we on fire we burn...Now we on fire we burn...
We here now it's our turn...We here now it's our turn...
We here now it's our turn...We here now it's our turn...


(Verse 3)

We preach His Word signs follow, leaving natural minds boggled,
people repenting receiving Him He put that shine on 'em.
Must be born again...The Way, The Truth, The Life,
The God, The Son, The Man, believe on JESUS CHRIST!
He made us new, we staying true, we dying daily, that's what we do.
He living in us, He living through,
He still ALIVE, we living proof!
We love not our lives unto the death, last breath.
We let Him breathe through us, no we not our past self.
He got the plan for your life He got your purpose,
everybody that's in Him is great, nobodies worthless.
Wide tall big small, black white, answer the call,
He's not a respecter of persons He calls ALL.
Love Him more than you love them,
love Him more than you love that,
live fired up live radical, go ALL IN, don't look back.


© Warria Records 2013 / ASCAP
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